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VOGT Family Recipe - Celery Stuffing

This is the turkey stuffing my father used to make. I don't know where he got the recipe or if it was handed down to him from his mother or not. It's a hearty, savory stuffing that has enough of everything in it to make it a meal in itself, and sometimes we do! It's a favorite with everyone in our family, plus all my sisters' families, and even Lynn's sisters have adopted it as a favorite (but they ask me to make it and bring it! ;)

There is a bit of work to it, but its more than worth it, and the time is cut in half by using the pre-dried, pre-diced bread for stuffing. Plan on an hour from start to stuffed bird - longer for Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving, I make a quadruple batch the night before and tightly stuff the bird by hand then. The extra stuffing gets packed into a casserole dish with the neck and giblets on top for flavor. Then early Thanksgiving day I pop the bird in, and when the bird is done I pop the casserole dish in for an hour or so, until it starts crisping on top.





Toast the bread until light brown and dice. Put the bread aside in a LARGE bowl.

Cut the sausage into patties and fry for a few minutes on each side until cooked, then crumble it into small pieces while continuing to cook. Put the sausage and sausage fat aside in a bowl.

Fry the celery and onion in butter for about 8 minutes, or until slightly limp. Add the scrambled sausage and sausage fat to the celery and onion and cook them all together for 1 minute.

Mix the dry seasonings into the dry diced toast in the LARGE bowl (its easier to get the dry seasonings distributed evenly when everything is dry). Stir the mix just enough to distribute the seasonings (the bread crumbles into powder if it is mixed too much).

Add the fried celery/onion/sausage to the diced toast, and mix some more.

Add the chicken stock or water and mix lightly but thoroughly.

If the bird is not going to be cooked immediately (are you stuffing the bird the night before?), let the mix cool a bit before stuffing it.

VARIATIONS: Replace sausage with; giblets, chestnuts, oysters, whatever edible.



These proportions are for a roasting chicken. Double everything for a small turkey (8-12 lbs), triple for a medium turkey (12-18 lbs), quadruple or more for a large turkey (18+ lbs). If you're cooking a goose, you are on your own! :)





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